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你好,你好 B) 我是 Frivvi。或劳伦。但是 Frivvi 听起来更酷,所以我们会继续这样做。欢迎:’) 由于车祸失去了我一生的挚爱,我变得沮丧和隐居。这个频道是我成为我的出路。学习,成长(主要是脸皮更厚,哈哈),结交新朋友,和治愈。对我来说,ASMR 不仅仅是酥麻或放松。这是关于感觉良好。微笑。笑,甚至!感觉自己是更大事物的一部分,但却是真实的事物。所以,我不是最专业或技术最精湛的 ASMRtist,但没关系!我认为。可能不会。但是,如果您有一点耐心,我会证明这个频道和社区是预先准备好的。:’) 或者可以。随它去吧 轻浮意味着轻松愉快。狐狸很酷。ASMR 不是医疗替代品,但它以治疗师无法提供的方式帮助了我。我耳语,我漫步,我轻拍,我亲吻,我不说话,我唱歌,我搞砸了,我傻笑。我希望你能和我一起踏上这段自我接纳、爱、酥麻和微笑的旅程。

FrivolousFox asmr


业务咨询 问题、评论、疑虑我每天只能阅读一小时,所以如果我错过了,我很抱歉……这不是故意的,我非常感谢你! !!! ) 我的编辑

Howdy ho hi B) I’m Frivvi. or Lauren. But Frivvi sounds cooler so we’ll go with that. Welcome :’)

After losing the love of my life due to a car accident, I became depressed & reclusive. This channel served as an outlet for me to be me. To learn, grow (mainly a thicker skin LOL), make new friends, & heal. For me, ASMR isn’t just about tingles or relaxation. It’s about feeling good. Smiling. Laughing, even! Feeling a part of something bigger, but something real. So, I’m not the most professional or technically-polished ASMRtist, but that’s okay! I think. Probably not. But if you extend a bit of patience, I’ll prove that this channel & community is pre dope. :’) Or can be. Just gO WITH IT OK


Frivolous means light-hearted. Foxes are cool. ASMR isn’t a medical alternative, but it’s helped me in a way no therapist could. I whisper, I ramble, I tap, I kiss, I nom, I sing, I mess up, I giggle. I would LOVE for you to join me on this journey of self-acceptance, love, tingles & smiles.

You being here, watching, liking, commenting kind things, your patience and understanding… it’s all more than enough and more than I could ever want or dream of.

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Questions, Comments, Concerns: (I limit myself to one hour a day reading these, so I apologize if I miss it.. it’s not intentional and i appreciate you very much!!!! )

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